Off Site Administrative Services

In today’s economy we all want to streamline our processes, sometimes this results in reductions in staff  and almost always results in more than we feel we can accomplish even if we had 30 hours in a day.  Total Resource Connection can help you do the impossible, we can create time for you by handling your administrative needs.  We offer many services to the small business owner, internet marketer, entrepreneur, authors and more.  If you don’t see something listed, please contact us and we will either be able to assist you or refer you to someone that can help.Some of the services we offer include:

  • Travel Arrangements  – We can handle all the details, airline reservations, hotels, car rentals, and car service to and from the airport.  We utilize TripIT to ensure clients have all the information at their fingertips.
  • We can help you with email.  We screen what comes into your public account, we’ll handle what we can, and redirect to your private account any messages that require your attention.  We will also provide upon request a daily or weekly recap of what was done.
  • We can help you with phone calls, we can help screen, or return calls as necessary. That way you are not interrupted when someone else can handle the normal interruptions.
  • We can be the gatekeeper to your calendar, allowing you time to concentrate on what your business is, not endless appointments that interrupt your day.
  • There are many other projects we can help with, from research projects, recruiting help, internet sourcing, etc.

Call us or use a contact form for more information.